Elevating the Impact of Community Stakeholders

On a journey to uplift authentic Black stories around the world.
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I partner with High-Impact Stakeholders to shape and elevate narratives using my proven brand blueprint techniques and communications strategies

I believe that shifting false Narratives in Communities of Color will Increase Opportunities and Save Lives.

Who's This Guy?

Ken L. Porter is the founder and Chief Visionary at the PMG Agency, an asset-framed communications firm founded in Detroit, MI in 2010.
The agency provides digital strategies, storytelling, brand development, as well as group training for cultural competence and equity audits. Ken passionately works with partners to shift false narratives in communities of color by uplifting and extracting aspiring stories.
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Being A Husband, Father, Son, Brother, Friend


I love to elevate aspiring narratives about

Black Men and Boys
Fathers and Family
Youth/ Early Childcare
Leadership and Community
Education and Health
Impact and Equity

Guide to Positioning Your Brand Story
by Ken L. Porter


A blueprint is a high-level plan that will guide you through the process of design and construction for your brand.

Brand Blueprint Workshop

My Workshop illuminates the journey to creating impactful campaigns. You create a high-level plan that will guide you through the process of design and construction for your brand projects. I break these into three pillars: The Bedrock, The Foundation and the Building Blocks.

Brand Development and Campaigns

I take Brand Development far beyond a logo, colors, or a tagline. We explore your culture, voice, and the experiences for your audience. It’s the intangibles; a detailed, multi-level engagement towards your brand equity. Campaigns are the methods I use to put you in front of your audiences to increase brand awareness.

Positioning and Storytelling

As I help to elevate your purpose, we will dive into your Brand Positioning which is your unique advantage – how you identify and connect with your audience, essentially this is your differentiator. Brand Storytelling encompasses the narratives that strategically intersect your audience and the values that you all share.

Coaching and Narratives

With coaching we will identify your brand foundation and uncover your core identity. We will also journey through goal setting with implementation planning. The narratives that we extract will be a series of stories that form the central building block for your brand strategy.

What They Say

I hired Ken L. Porter to rebrand my nonprofit. What started off as a transactional business relationship has blossomed into a true relational partnership and brotherhood. He's an exceptional partner and thought leader and has been masterful at expanding the voice, position, and presence of Project Pneuma.
Founder and CEO
"Ken is tremendously passionate, considerate, honest and giving with all those who encompass his environment. Working with Ken is always a pleasure and our entire company considers him more than a partner in the business world, but a friend.”
Brand Strategies
If you are a social justice pioneer seeking guidance on your branding, marketing, or communications plan, Ken is the man for you! He deliberately seeks business relationships with organizations that are making positive social impacts within communities of color.
Executive Chairman and Founder
Working with Ken is always an exceptional experience. His attention to detail and passion for what he does is remarkable and inspiring. | can’t wait to see what journey he embarks on next.
President and CEO

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